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TV Campfire Podcast #221

We talk The Last Ship, True Blood, The Strain, Manhattan, Falling Skies, Extant, The Lottery, Outlander, Legends, Intruders, Doctor Who

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Review: Doctor Who 8.02 - Into the Dalek

It's possible to give a vampire a soul, but can it be done to a Dalek? That's what the Doctor wants to know in this week's episode. There's also a new man in Clara's life.

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The Phone Call That Divided Doctor Who Fans

While most people praised Peter Calpaldi's performance in his first Doctor Who adventure, some wondered why it included a scene here the previous Doctor called Clara for some reassurance. That's not how companions handled previous regenerations over the decades.

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Review: Under the Dome 2.09 - The Red Door

The Red Door seems to be the only answer for the folks trying to get back into the Dome -- but how to find it?

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Doug Jones Talks About Space Command and Other Projects

Doug Jones took a few moments out of his day to answer some questions for us.

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Review: The Last Ship 1.10 No Place Like Home

The season finale of The Last Ship started with hope, but ended with an America threatened by a woman who thinks the Red Flu can help create a new world.

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Review: Doctor Who - Deep Breath - Peter Capaldi's First Episode

A new era for Doctor Who started this past weekend with Peter Capaldi's first episode, "Deep Breath". While it was a typical regeneration story with a shaky plot, Capaldi proved that he can handle the job as the 12th Doctor.

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TV Campfire Podcast #220

We talk Manhattan, True Blood, Teen Wolf, Suits, Legends, Extant, Hell on Wheels, Intruders, and Doctor Who.

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Interviews - The Geekie Awards 2014

If you felt a disturbance in the Force last Sunday night, not to worry. It was just the gathering of the tribes at the 2nd annual Geekie Awards!

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