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Camden Toy in Valiant and Q&A in Film Festival at SDCC!

No pass is required to attend the film festival. Come on down and enjoy the show!

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Connecticon 2014: A Voice Actor's Paradise

I had the fantastic opportunity to fulfill my comic convention quota for the month at ConnectiCon.

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Book Review: Magic Breaks - Book 7 Of Kate Daniels Series

The seventh book in the Kate Daniels series is non-stop action from beginning to end. As soon as it was finished, I immediately wanted the next one.

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Review: Under the Dome 2.04 - Revelation

It’s episode four and secrets are revealed!

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Movie Review - Space Station 76

We caught the screening of Rival Picture's Space Station 76 recently at OUTFest LA. You'll want to catch our review of the fabulous film here.

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