Recap: Doctor Who 11.02 “The Ghost Monument”

The Doctor and her new friends find themselves in an intergalactic race which is also a fight for survival. She’s also trying to find her TARDIS, and discovers those aliens from last week could rival the Daleks.

Recap: Doctor Who Season 11 Premiere: “The Woman Who Fell To Earth”

It’s a new era on Doctor Who, and the season eleven premiere does a good job establishing Jodie Whittaker as the new Doctor. She battles an alien who is in the middle of a human hunt.

When Will The Doctor Return Next Weekend? We Know!

It’s almost time for Doctor Who to return, and we know when she’ll be back on October 7th,

Final Trailer For Doctor Who’s New Season Is Here

The final trailer for the new season of Doctor Who has been released, and it will have a new look. Some things are still the same, such as the Doctor still helps people. The premiere is October 7th, but the time still hasn’t been determined

Review: Marvel Iron Fist Season 2

Season two of Iron Fist is much better than the first, with better fight scenes and performances. The story may be about “duality” but it’s also about legacy and living up to it. The finale will surprise people, and hopefully lead to a third season.

Doctor Who Has A New Beginning On Sundays Next Month

Doctor Who will have a new beginning and a new night, cccording to BBC America

SDCC 2018: The Purge Mini-Series Press Coverage

A movie about America becoming lawless for 12 hours a year has worked four times, but can it work on TV? The cast and producers of The Purge mini-series talk about the challenge during San Diego Comic-Con.

SDCC 2018: Preacher Press Coverage

The cast of AMC’s Preacher arrived for San Diego Comic-Con, taling about the current season, how the characters have evolved and how the show got made at all. This includes audio from the event.

SDCC 2018: Cloak and Dagger Press Coverage

Why will life be “mayhem” for Tyrone and Tandy next season on “Cloak and Dagger”? The cast and the showrunner give some hinst at Comic-Con

SDCC 2018 Press Coverage: Marvel’s Iron Fist

The cast from Marvel’s Iron Fist talked about the upcoming season during San Diego Comic-Con. They said Danny will be protecting New York while battling some new bad guys (although one will be very familiar)