Review: Defenders S1E3 – “Worst Behavior”

All four Defenders are together is this episode, but they’re not interested in being a team. It’s also revealed how Elektra was resurrected by Alexandra, and how she needs the Iron Fist to beat death, too.

Marvel’s DEFENDER’s Full Trailer

The first full trailer for Marvel Television’s Defenders on Netflix has been released, showing a glimpse of the four anti-heroes, Claire,  Stick,Misty Knight and  Electra along with the first video of Sigourney Weaver’s Alexandria.

The Man Without Fear Doesn’t Scare Rifftrax

Rifftrax is known for its “commentaries” of Marvel movies, and decided to take on the first episode of Netflix’s “Daredevil”. Their comments show they’re still hurting from the 2003 movie.

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Daredevil- Episodes 8-13

The second half of Netflix’s Daredevil is darker but also more interesting than the first. Matt Murdock’s activities may threaten the firm, while Wilson Fisk is depicted as ruthless but still all too human.