The Vampire Diaries 7.01 – Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take

The season seven premiere proves Elena will always be a part of the show, but life goes on.

Blindspot 1.02 & 1.03 – “A Stray Howl” & “Eight Slim Grins”

A couple of episodes after the pilot, let’s see if Blindspot has found their footing. See where the writers and showrunners seem to be headed. Will the show live up to the promise of the pilot?

Blindspot 1.01 – Pilot

If you like The Blacklist and other edgy (for network) shows that give weekly procedural satisfaction along with mysterious, longer character arcs, this one’s for you.

Exclusive Interview with “Longmire” star Robert Taylor

Australian actor Robert Taylor portrays rural Wyoming sheriff Walt Longmire on Longmire, the modern western picked up by Netflix for season 4 which premiered all ten episodes on September 10th. Robert was kind enough to take time during his hiatus to talk with me via phone from Australia.

Arrow 3.20 – “The Fallen”

Refusing Ra’s al Ghul has its consequences. Week after week Oliver resisted and lost more of himself. Betrayal, death, an allies departure… but nothing could prepare Ollie for finding Thea beaten and bloodied.

iZombie S1.06 – Virtual Reality Bites

Our hero zombie Liv Moore has been comfortable surviving on the steady supply of brains from the recently deceased sent to the medical examiner’s office. But this week, she is presented with Simon Cutler, a person who has been dead for 10 days.

The Flash – S1.19 “Who Is Harrison Wells?”

By Keifer Knight The Flash continues with the team ups from Arrow with Captain and Laurel Lance guest starring in a pinnacle episode, that starts to put the pieces of this season together on “Who is Harrison Wells?” Even though last week’s Flash took a little while to get momentum, this week’s episode started where last week’s […]

Arrow 3.19 – “Broken Arrow”

Is the Arrow headed for prison? The action packed answer is in this weeks episode!

iZombie 1.05 – “Flight of the Living Dead”

If you were a zombie, could you eat the brains of someone you knew?

The Flash 1.18 – “All-Star Team-Up”

CW’s Scarlet Speedster reunites with an old friend in an ALL STAR shakeup in the first of the last episodes of its freshman season.