Recap: Doctor Who 12.3, Orphan 55

The Doctor and her friends rest at a spa that might be too good to be true. It is. It’s trying to defend itself from deadly aliens. Who they really are was one of too many twists

Sabrina’s Musical Trailer to Season Three

Sabrina Spellman sings…about how being a teenage witch is Hell..and more. She also shows how she’ll make some tough decisions to save her boyfriend and her town from even bigger threats.

Recap: Doctor Who 12.2, Spyfall, Part 2

The Master has come up with a way to destroy humanity with the help of aliens and a computer genius. The Doctor hopes to stop him with some surprising allies, while her Companions are on the run.

Recap: The Mandalorian Season Finale

The first season of The Mandalorian ended with one last battle over Baby Yoda–and a new mission for the bounty hunter.

Recap: Doctor Who 12.1: Spyfall Part 1

Doctor Who rings in the new year with a cracking spy story that involves alien spies, a computer genius a guy named O & a shocking cliffhanger

Final Trailer For The Witcher A Week Before Premiere

Netflix has a new fantasy series that might be the next”Game of Thrones”. The Witcher stars Henry Cavill, and premieres next week.

Get Lost In Space This Christmas, A Preview of Season Two

Season two of Lost in Space is coming on Christmas Eve. The family needs its robot but is threatened by new enemies.

Happy New Who! The Doctor Returns New Year’s Day

New episodes of Doctor Who start on New Year’s Day. We have a trailer

Recap: Disney Plus Presents The Mandalorian, But A Child Steals The Show

Disney Plus has its first big hit in “The Mandolorian”, about a bounty hunter who has a very valuable item a lot of people want. The first two episodes feature the “asset” and its true power. It’s also very cute

Alan Tudyk Meets Kids at Reno Pop Culture Con Video

Alan Tudyk was one of the most popular guests at Reno Pop Culture Con. He held an interesting storytime with a bunch of kids and showed some of his voices he did for recent Disney movies.