Alan Tudyk at Reno Pop Culture Con Panel Video

Alan Tudyk was one of the featured guests at Reno Pop Culture Con earlier this month. He talked about his career, what’s coming soon, and some advice he got from Mike Nichols

Summer Glau and Jewel Staite at Reno Pop Culture Con Panel Video

The Firefly gang is close as ever, more than 15 years after the show left the air. Summer Glau and Jewel Staite appeared at the Reno Pop Culture Con, talking about that show and their careers.

YouTube Premieres Sci-Fi Short With Jewel Staite As a Scary Robo-Nanny

Technology is doing work people used to do, but what if that includes motherhood? Firefly’s Jewel Staite plays a robot nanny who does her job a bit too well in “CC”, on YouTube’s “Dust” channel

Browncoat Ball 2019 in Las Vegas Was a Blast – Come See

Firefly fans from around the country gathered in Las Vegas for the annual Browncoat Ball, and we have a video

Recap: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Season Six Finale

SHIELD’s battle against Izel and her attempt to overrun Earth with evil souls reaches a shocking climax, and it’s confirmed whether Sarge is really even part of Coulson. However, a new threat forces some difficult decisions

Recap: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 6.11, From the Ashes

What is Sarge, and what’s the power inside him? That’s what May and Daisy want to know, but they find out something more interesting. Meanwhile, Izel uses the power of the monoliths against one of the crew. She also plans a ritual that could end everything

Comic-Con 2019 Recap: Amazon Prime’s Dark/Web

Amazon Prime has a new show that takes a look at the dark side of the internet. It features some familiar faces in the Buffyverse.

Recap: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 6.10, Leap

Why did May shoot Sarge? The reason is pretty surprising, while the episode also revealed Izel’s true mission and why she expects him to join her.

Comic-Con Recap: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD – SDCC

#AgentsofSHIELD packed Hall H in the first day of #SDCC. They looked at the past & gave a hit of how season six may end

Recap: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 6.09, Collision Course Part 2

Does Mack have to decide between saving his agents and saving millions from a bomb in Sarge’s truck? The solution comes from a surprising place, followed by one of the best fights of the season