Agents of SHIELD Will Be On Duty….Through 2020

The Agents of SHIELD will be on duty a little longer than expected, The show just earned a seventh season even before season six has begun.

Recap: Doctor Who 11.6 “Demons of the Punjab”

The Doctor head to Pakistan 1947 because Yaz wants to know why her grandmother gave her a watch and told her never to fix it. The answer is a tragic romance that has a lesson people should learn now. There’s also aliens who aren’t what they seem.

Recap: Doctor Who 11.5 “The Tsuranga Conundrum”

The Doctor and her crew deal with a lot in a medical ship: a pilot with a hidden health problem, a male alien who’s pregnant and cute monster who could destroy the ship

Recap: Doctor Who 11.4 “Arachnids in the UK”

The Doctor and her friends are back on Earth, just in time to see an invasion of really big spiders. It could be linked to a rich guy who wants to be President.

Recap: Netflix’s Daredevil Season 3

It’s been an interesting year for Marvel shows on Netflix. Jessica Jones had mother issues. Luke Cage dealt with a guy who was stronger than him and wanted revenge against a crooked councilwoman. The Punisher made his debut and tried to exact revenge against military officials who double crossed him. Iron Fist lost his powers, […]

Recap: Doctor Who 11.3, “Rosa”

The Doctor lands in Birmingham in 1955, where she meets Rosa Parks the day before she changes civil rights history. However, there’s someone from the future who doesn’t want it to happen.

Recap: Doctor Who 11.02 “The Ghost Monument”

The Doctor and her new friends find themselves in an intergalactic race which is also a fight for survival. She’s also trying to find her TARDIS, and discovers those aliens from last week could rival the Daleks.

Recap: Doctor Who Season 11 Premiere: “The Woman Who Fell To Earth”

It’s a new era on Doctor Who, and the season eleven premiere does a good job establishing Jodie Whittaker as the new Doctor. She battles an alien who is in the middle of a human hunt.

When Will The Doctor Return Next Weekend? We Know!

It’s almost time for Doctor Who to return, and we know when she’ll be back on October 7th,

Final Trailer For Doctor Who’s New Season Is Here

The final trailer for the new season of Doctor Who has been released, and it will have a new look. Some things are still the same, such as the Doctor still helps people. The premiere is October 7th, but the time still hasn’t been determined