Marvel’s DEFENDER’s Full Trailer

The first full trailer for Marvel Television’s Defenders on Netflix has been released, showing a glimpse of the four anti-heroes, Claire,  Stick,Misty Knight and  Electra along with the first video of Sigourney Weaver’s Alexandria.

Warner Bros./DC Streaming Network Launches live action Titans and Young Justice: Outsiders

Warner Bros. and DC Comics are teaming up to bring fans a new digital TV service in 2018.

“Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger” First Official Trailer

Watch Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger official trailer that will being aired on Freeform.

Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego

Netflix is bringing back Carmen Sandiego in 2019, she will be voiced by Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin).  In the upcoming animated series produced by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Carmen Sandiego is back and ready for a new crop of international capers packed with thrilling adventure and intrigue. This fresh take presents an intimate look into […]

MARVEL’s New Warriors Set for Freeform 2018

“Marvel’s New Warriors,” Comedic live-action adaptation coming to TV.

First Look at CW’s Black Lightning in Costume

The CW continues to dive into the world of DC Comics with the new TV pilot Black Lightning and now our first look at the title character has been revealed.  Check out the image below to see Cress Williams (Hart of Dixie) as Black Lightning, in the latest DC Comics-based project from executive producer Greg […]

Keifer’s Keep It or Dump It – “Taken”

What’s the scoop on NBC’s Taken? Keifer gives his ten cents.

Keifer’s Keep It or Dump It – APB

Fox’s APB tries to very hard to combine Marvel’s Tony Stark with the hard streets of the Chicago south side.  Billionaire Gideon Reeves sets out to get what he believes is justice for his friend’s murder in Chicago.   Reeves tries almost too hard to be a Tony Stark like character: brilliant, rich, egotistical, little […]

Hope for Firefly? Or Just Holding Out a Carrot to Fans?

The folks at Fox are often asked if they would ever be willing to make a reboot of Firefly, or at least revisit the original with some more episodes. With X-Files, Prison Break, and 24 all getting new shows, is it really out of the question? According to Fox President Of Entertainment David Madden, the option […]

Guardians – New Trailers

With each new trailer from the Russian Superhero movie, Guardians we have seen more and more from what looks like an amazing movie.  What is being called the last trailer before the movie opens continues to not disappoint.  Some are calling this Russia’s answer to Marvel’s Avengers, regardless the movie looks amazing.  Here are both trailers in the […]