Review: How I Met Your Mother 9.22 – “The End of the Aisle”

Future Ted’s voiceover opens the episode talking about how people tend to freak out on their wedding day.

Review: How I Met Your Mother 9.21- “Gary Blauman”

An unexpected guest at the wedding stirs up old memories and animosities.

Review: Once Upon a Time 3.13- “Witch Hunt”

A big thank you to the writers for the return of recently underutilized minor characters. And I couldn’t be happier about it!

Review: How I Met Your Mother 9.19- “Vesuvius”

A much more personal episode than some have been this season. It begins with Ted and The Mother escaping a snow storm.

Review: How I Met Your Mother 9.18- “Rally”

Who knew that a hangover cure could be an expression of love? Apparently Barney knew, all along… After the bender he went on the night before his wedding, Barney is mumbling, incoherent, and teetering on the edge of consciousness two hours before he is due to take his wedding photos with Robin. Even his known […]

Across the Whedonverse – Lusty Kitten Explores the World of Joss

I bet there are some Whedon characters you have always secretly (or not so secretly) wanted to see do a strip-tease… Am I right?

Review: How I Met Your Mother – “Sunrise”

As this is the final season, a lot of ongoing plotlines are being wound down into their final resting place.

Review: How I Met Your Mother – “How Your Mother Met Me”

And now for something completely different…

Review: How I Met Your Mother – “Unpause”

After the debacle that was last week’s episode of How I Met You Mother, I was hesitant to tune back in this week. Luckily, I was more than pleasantly surprised.