What if….. Buffy Riffed on “Buffy” on MST3K?

What if….. Buffy Riffed on “Buffy” on MST3K? What if a certain Slayer dropped by to mock a movie that’s not really about her?

Keifer’s Keep It or Dump It – Emerald City

Let me start out by saying NBC’s Emerald City is a Keeper and here is why. This reinterpretation of the Wizard of Oz is set up in many different layers within the two hour premiere.  The creators have developed an overarching culture where magic and science is at odds, and where The Wizard (played by […]

“Keifer’s Keep It or Dump It” – BEYOND

Freeform began it’s winter premieres with returning Shadowhunters and new series, Beyond.  Beyond is a story of Holden who mysteriously was put in coma years earlier and awakens with strange powers, mysterious people wanting to capture him, others who want to protect him and a back story that will explain what his subconscious was doing […]

Is The Marvel-ous Era at ABC Facing Its End?

Looking at the ABC schedule that was announced this week, new president Channing Dungey is letting the network keep its Marvel comic books. It may be possible it will eventually be told to grow up.

Legends of Tomorrow: Character Intro – Sara Lance (White Canary)

This coming week Arrow and The Flash crossover in “Heroes Join Forces” this serves as the introduction of Vandal Savage as well as a lead into January’s Legends of Tomorrow beginning Thursday January 21st.  One of the leading heroes in LoT is a resurrected Sara Lance, the White Canary.  Here is her story thus far, […]

What Love Had To Do With Last Week’s SHIELD Finale

While last week’s “Agents of SHIELD” featured a big battle between SHIELD and Inhumans, a closer look shows that every important decision was done out of love. This is my take on it.

Looking at Doctor Who’s Two Beginnings

This week is the tenth anniversary of Doctor Who’s return to TV. Here’s a comparison to the episode that brought him back, “Rose’ to his very first story from 1963, “An Unearthly Child.”

Tenth Anniversary of New Who: How It’s Regenerated The Show

It’s the tenth anniversary of the revival of Doctor Who.

Agent Carter: Are Stark and Jarvis Just As Sexist As SSR?

Although Howard Stark and Jarvis claim they have the most respect for Peggy Carter’s abilities, they seem to exploit the fact that the SSR never see her as a true agent. Does this mean Stark and Jarvis don’t respect her as they claim?

Seeing Salomé at LA Theatre Works

I was lucky enough to see James Marsters perform in Salomé at LA Theatre Works.