WonderCon: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

We ventured to WonderCon over the weekend and got to talk to the cast of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The 100 Press Room Interviews at WonderCon 2019!

The showrunner and cast of The 100 discussing season six at WonderCon!

WonderCon 2012: Jane Espenson and the Cast of Husbands

Drama, comedy, sci-fi, horror, comics…Jane Espenson has done it all.

Now she’s creator and executive producer of Husbands, a romantic comedy about two men who are a newly married couple. Its first eleven-part series has been very popular on the internet, and a second series is being planned. More after the jump…


WonderCon 2012: Felicia Day Has a New Network

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Several TV networks are promoting their new shows in April, from Mad Men to Game of Thrones.

Sometimes the best TV premieres don’t happen on TV. They happen on your computer.

That’s what Felicia Day and friends hope people will notice when their new YouTube channel, Geek and Sundry, begins on April 2nd. When people tune in, they’ll see Felicia do unusual things, a kid trying to write a story, some guy playing games, and motion comics.           More after the jump.



WonderCon 2011: Mark Sheppard on Doctor Who

We got the chance to interview Mark Sheppard about his upcoming role in Doctor Who at Wondercon 2011.  Check it out below.

WonderCon 2011: Browncoat Redemption Still Popular With Firefly Fans

Ever since DragonCon last fall, a small fan film about another group of Big Damn Heroes has been attracting a lot of attention. More than six months later, Browncoats Redemption has raised thousands for several charities, and its producers have some big news, including a Blu-Ray DVD and its trailer finding a new home on cable.

Michael Doughtery, who wrote, co-produced, wrote and directed the film, visited Wondercon in San Francisco last weekend.

Wondercon 2011: Exclusive Human Target Interviews

We have exclusive interviews with Mark Valley (Christopher Chance), Jackie Earle Haley (Guerrero), Janet Montgomery (Ames), and Matt Miller executive producer of Human Target from Wondercon.  I have talked about Human Target repeatedly in my TV Campfire podcast and it was picked by several guests as one of the best new shows of 2010.  If you have not checked the show out so far be sure to do so and if you are a long time fan be sure to tweet about the show.  Its one of the shows on the bubble for renewal so spread the word.



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WonderCon 2011: A Different Kind Of Super Hero

Throughout WonderCon weekend in San Francisco, fans got to see previews of long-anticipated movies like Green Lantern, Priest and Cowboys vs. Aliens. People met the stars of the movies, exclusive clips and even got a souvenir t-shirt

Then there’s Super, which is a different kind of super hero movie. Made for about two million dollars, or as writer/director James Gunn says "the craft services budget for Iron Man," it also talks about a man who suddenly decides to be a hero. It doesn’t need CGI or super powers. All it needed was belief, from the actors, the writers and the crew, that people would want to see this movie.

Judging from the response during the panel with Gunn and star Rainn Wilson this past Saturday, that belief may pay off.

WonderCon 2011: First Look at Hanna

A young girl, trained by a male mentor to fight, hunt, and be self-sufficient. She learns about the world through an encyclopedia and Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

This isn’t the education of a Slayer. It’s the beginning of the story about an unusual girl named Hanna. Saoirse Ronan, who stars in the movie, and director Joe Wright met with fans at Wondercon last Saturday.