Happy New Who! The Doctor Returns New Year’s Day

New episodes of Doctor Who start on New Year’s Day. We have a trailer

Watchmen Season 1 Episode 7 ” An Almost Religious Awe” Review

We get a lot of questions answered in “An Almost Religious Awe” about Angela Abar, Lady Trieu, and Doctor Manhattan. SPOILERS: In the seventh episode of Watchmen, we finally learn three essential mysteries. We discover that Lady Trieu and Will Reeves created the Millennium Clock to save the world. Lady Trieu knows that Doctor Manhattan […]

The Watchmen Season 1 Episode 6 “This Extraordinary Being”

The Watchmen delivered another stylistic masterpiece Sunday night. “This Extraordinary Being” shows the various parallels between Angela Abar (Regina King) and Will Reeves (Louis Gossett Jr).  The episode also takes a highly creative approach in its depiction of whitewashing and Black erasure. SPOILERS AHEAD: The majority of Episode 6 of The Watchmen, directed by Stephen […]

Recap: Disney Plus Presents The Mandalorian, But A Child Steals The Show

Disney Plus has its first big hit in “The Mandolorian”, about a bounty hunter who has a very valuable item a lot of people want. The first two episodes feature the “asset” and its true power. It’s also very cute

Alan Tudyk Meets Kids at Reno Pop Culture Con Video

Alan Tudyk was one of the most popular guests at Reno Pop Culture Con. He held an interesting storytime with a bunch of kids and showed some of his voices he did for recent Disney movies.

Alan Tudyk at Reno Pop Culture Con Panel Video

Alan Tudyk was one of the featured guests at Reno Pop Culture Con earlier this month. He talked about his career, what’s coming soon, and some advice he got from Mike Nichols

Summer Glau and Jewel Staite at Reno Pop Culture Con Panel Video

The Firefly gang is close as ever, more than 15 years after the show left the air. Summer Glau and Jewel Staite appeared at the Reno Pop Culture Con, talking about that show and their careers.

YouTube Premieres Sci-Fi Short With Jewel Staite As a Scary Robo-Nanny

Technology is doing work people used to do, but what if that includes motherhood? Firefly’s Jewel Staite plays a robot nanny who does her job a bit too well in “CC”, on YouTube’s “Dust” channel

Legacies S2E02 -“This Year Will Be Different”

Matt Davis pretty much told us how episodes one and two of this season were going to go down when we spoke to him at San Diego Comic-Con. That didn’t make it any less fun watching it play out. Spoilers below As Matt told us, Alaric is the headmaster of Mystic Falls High school, and […]

Browncoat Ball 2019 in Las Vegas Was a Blast – Come See

Firefly fans from around the country gathered in Las Vegas for the annual Browncoat Ball, and we have a video