SDCC 2015: Person of Interest Press Room

We got the chance to sit down with the cast of Person of Interest again this year at San Diego Comi-Con and though this season may be the last, the producers are ready to tell the best story possible.

Person of Interest 4.22 – “YHWH”

Last week the Machine gave up its location to Samaritan, so it was logical to assume it had something up its metaphorical sleeve. This ended up being true, but it wasn’t trick, more an act of desperation.

Person of Interest 4.21 – “Asylum”

A tale of two numbers, though it should probably be three or four. Team Machine splits up to deal with the two main threads of the season, gang boss’ Elias and Dominic, plus the ever-present A.I., Samaritan. Who will survive to the end of the finale? And just to make it extra special, Control returns to throw a monkey wrench in someone’s plans

Person of Interest 4.20 – “Terra Incognita”

With Finch and company busy with a Number, Reese works a cases of his own and flashes back to a stakeout with Carter.

Con Man Cast Is Adding Familiar Faces

Alan Tudyk’s Indiegogo campaign, “Con Man” is headed to its final days, and it’s adding some more familiar faces including a Cylon and a Terminator.

Review: Person of Interest 4.18-“Skip”

Reese chases a bounty hunter and Finch tries to juggle Root and his new lady friend. Well, sort of…

Review: Person of Interest 4.15- “Q&A”

Reese moonlights as a security guard and Harold plays chess with a runaway Samaritan asset.

Review: Person of Interest 4.12- “Control-Alt-Delete”

The conclusion to the Person of Interest trilogy brought the story from a whole new perspective, namely Control’s. Camryn Manheim returns with a view of Samaritan from the Relevant side.

Review: Person of Interest – 4.11 “If-Then-Else”

In which the Machine tries to solve an unsolvable problem and Team Machine’s lives are on the line. Just another day at the office.

Review: Person of Interest – 4.07 “Honor Among Thieves”

Shaw’s day job of being a thief works to her advantage for her real job as she goes undercover as, you guessed it – a thief.