Comic Book Review: ‘Angel & Faith’ – Season 10 #6 (These Slayers Ain’t Got Time to Bleed)

This month brings the former rogue slayer Faith back into the spotlight and sees our girl “going commando” in the South Americans jungles.

‘Angel & Faith: Season 10 #5’ – Comic Book Review (The Neo-Vamps Launch a British Invasion!)

I may have been lagging in my comic book slaying duties, my fellow Scoobies, but I’m back with a vengeance and ready to deliver the goods on the fifth issue of Angel & Faith: Season 10 written by Victor Gischler and featuring the art of Derlis Santacruz. While Angel & Faith may not have the […]

Sing Karaoke at Caritas!

A night of karaoke to honor Andy Hallett

“An Evening At Caritas” Venue & Price Change- TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW!

Tickets now available to purchase for “An Evening at Caritas – A Night of Karaoke to Honor Andy Hallett.” IMPORTANT VENUE & PRICE CHANGES.

Charisma Carpenter Joins “Lost Girl” This Fall

Charisma Carpenter will be a guest star on SyFy’s Lost Girl, possibly as a Norse goddess.

Bringing Them Back Alive on SHIELD, Buffy and Angel

While Joss is known for killing off beloved characters, he usually can figure out a way to bring them back.

Julie Benz on Darla, Dexter and Defiance at Wizard World Sacramento

Julie Benz says she likes to likes to portray complicated characters, and she certainly has: a vampire, the wife of a serial killer, and the former mayor of a post-apocalyptic town. She talked about these roles when she was one of the featured guests during Wizard World’s first convention at the Sacramento Convention Center.     […]

James Marsters Talks About Buffy, Music and More at Wizard World Sacramento

He’s been a vampire, a time traveler, an evil alien, and even an astronaut. He’s also got a band that includes his son.
He is James Marsters, and he talked about both of his careers during Wizard World Sacramento this past weekend.

Wizard World A Big Success In Sacramento

Wizard World’s first Sacramento convention this past weekend was so popular, it’s already announced its return next year, and possibly 2016.

Words From A Soulful Vampire Still Being Heard

It may be ten years since Angel was on our TV screens, but his impact is still being felt… even in Russia, thanks to last Wednesday’s edition of The Daily Show