Creation Entertainment Salutes Firefly/Serenity: Alan Tudyk Q&A

Alan Tudyk’s is the final Q&A of the convention, the fans watch curiously as two chairs are brought to the stage. Of course, everyone is hoping Nathan will make a surprise appearance like he has done in the past. Alan comes onto the stage and starts setting down a few times. He then takes a bowl out of a bag and sets it on one of the chairs. Alan greets the fans and explains that Nathan sent his famous “Bean Dip” in his place and that it will be auctioned off at the end of the Q&A. He has also brought a box full of souvenir items to give away to those who can answer his trivia questions. Alan joked “thanks for showing me your cameras” as many in the crowd stuck their cameras up to catch a picture of him.


Creation Entertainment Salutes Firefly/Serenity: Jewel Staite Q&A

Sunday morning at Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Serenity/Firefly and the first event on the schedule is a Morning Celebrity Brunch. The celebrities scheduled to appear that morning included Jewel Staite, Mark Sheppard and Alan Tudyk. The brunch also included a silent auction to raise money for the charities, Kids Need To Read and the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement.

During the event, Fandom Charities & Whedonopolis presented a check to Kids Need to Read for over $5,000 from our 2nd Annual Halloween screening of Dr. Horrible’s SIng-Along Blog and The Guild, Season II. Following the brunch the fans headed eagerly headed off to be in time for the Q&A for Jewel Staite. She greeted the crowd and asked the fans if they were tired from last night’s activities. Jewel joked that it wasn’t fair that Adam Baldwin had a Cheese and Wine Party the day before and that she was left out.


Creation Entertainment Salutes Firefly/Serenity 2009- Adam Baldwin Q&A

Once Yan and Rafael Feldman left the stage following their Q&A, it was time for another music video. As the video ended, Adam Baldwin was introduced and greeted the cheering crowd. He welcomed everyone to follow him on Twitter and asked where everyone was from. The crowd yelled out different cities and countries, there were more than a few from overseas. Adam stated that his life is good, that he is working on “Chuck” and that the studio has ordered 6 more episodes. Also gave a shout out to Zachary Levi, saying how talented he is including the fact that Zachary directed episode #9. Adam referred to Zachary as their “Nathan” and that the show is on his shoulders. Chuck will be back on air on Sunday, January 10th, then back on Mondays.

Creation Entertainment Salutes Firefly/Serenity: Morena Baccarin Q&A

Morena Baccarin’s Q&A was the last one on Saturday. She had just finished her Private Wine & Cheese Party with several of her fans who paid for these special tickets. Again, after another great Music Video, Morena is introduced and the crowd welcomes her to the stage. She appears petite, graceful and amazingly beautiful even with her extremely short hair cut. Her fans have already had a chance to view several episodes of her new series “V” over the past few weeks and are now lining up for questions.

Creation Entertainment Salutes Firefly/Serenity: Yan & Rafael Feldman Q&A

Creation Entertainment’s Salute to "Serenity"/Firefly started its Saturday events with a Music Video then Yan and Rafael Feldman’s Q & A. The twins greeted the crowd and Rafael thanked the crowd on behalf himself and Yan. They jokingly asked if anyone had started to write a sequel to Serenity. They continued to joke on about who is prettier and which is aging faster. The fans lined up for their chance to ask a question and it then got underway.

Into the Black: Creation’s Salute to Serenity and Firefly 2009 Convention Report

Ah, conventions. Ever since I was a little tyke I’ve been coming to them, beginning with Star Trek conventions back in the early-mid 1980’s. There are many things that attract me to a convention…the celebrity panels, seeing friends I might not see that often, seeing the unusual and cool stuff they sell in the dealer’s room, and so on. Creation’s latest convention celebrating Firefly and Serenity was no different. This blog will convey what I saw and heard at Creation’s Salute to Firefly and Serenity 2009. Take in mind I wasn’t able to go to every panel and what not. I’m also not going to be writing about all the panels in detail, as we have other people covering that. Think of this as a highlight reel. ^_~

The 2nd Annual Halloween Charity Screening of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog & The Guild

In addition to seeing these two events on the large screen with cinema sound, the drawing prizes and other interactive goodies made this the Halloween event to be at.

Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Firefy & Serenity 2008: Adam Baldwin Q&A

It is time for Adam Baldwin‘s Q&A at Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Serenity & Firefly and the fans are more than ready. Adam came to the stage as he was introduced and the crowd, again, went wild. He settled into the director’s chair and greeted the crowd. 

Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Firefy & Serenity 2008: Gina Torres Q&A

Bright and early Sunday morning the convention hall again filled with eagerFirefly fans. Gina Torres took the stage and thanked everyone for getting up so early.

Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Firefly & Serenity 2008: Jewel Staite Q&A

 Jewel Staite greeted the crowd that packed the convention hall; it was standing room only. She welcomed "creative questions" as the fans lined up at the microphones.