Recap: Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Season 3, Second Half

The final episodes of Netflix’s Jessica Jones feature her efforts to bring Sallinger to justice after he commits a devastating act. However, another monster emerges, and it’s her toughest battle yet.

Recap: Jessica Jones Season 2

This time Jess battles her past, especially the last person she ever thought she’d see again.

New Trailer For Jessica Jones Reveals More On Season Two

The latest trailer for Netflix’s Jessica Jones is out. Aside from investigating a murder spree and dealing with visions of a past enemy, she finally tries to figure out how she got her powers.

Netflix’s Jessica Jones

Netflix has scored again with Jessica Jones, a hero noir show about a heroine who doesn’t think she’s one of the good guys. It’s due to being involved with a very persuasive man .

Jessica Jones Trailer featuring David Tennant!

Here is a new trailer from Netflix for Marvel’s Jessica Jones featuring a voice over by David Tennant who plays this season’s main villian, Zebediah Killgrave aka The Purple Man.

Tenth Anniversary of New Who: How It’s Regenerated The Show

It’s the tenth anniversary of the revival of Doctor Who.

The Phone Call That Divided Doctor Who Fans

While most people praised Peter Calpaldi’s performance in his first Doctor Who adventure, some wondered why it included a scene here the previous Doctor called Clara for some reassurance. That’s not how companions handled previous regenerations over the decades.

FlashBack Friday: SDCC 2009- Doctor Who/Torchwood Screening Intro

When I say “Doctor,” you say “Who!”

DVD Review: Doctor Who- Celebrating 50 Years of Fandom

A new documentary taking a look at Doctor Who’s influence on modern sci-fi.

David Tennant Hosts Doctor Who and 3-D Special Event Next Month

Tennant will be back again for a special two-day event in theaters, featuring a classic Doctor Who story and the premiere of a 3-D documentary.