Recap: Doctor Who 12.3, Orphan 55

The Doctor and her friends rest at a spa that might be too good to be true. It is. It’s trying to defend itself from deadly aliens. Who they really are was one of too many twists

Recap: Doctor Who 12.2, Spyfall, Part 2

The Master has come up with a way to destroy humanity with the help of aliens and a computer genius. The Doctor hopes to stop him with some surprising allies, while her Companions are on the run.

Recap: Doctor Who 12.1: Spyfall Part 1

Doctor Who rings in the new year with a cracking spy story that involves alien spies, a computer genius a guy named O & a shocking cliffhanger

Happy New Who! The Doctor Returns New Year’s Day

New episodes of Doctor Who start on New Year’s Day. We have a trailer

TV Campfire Podcast #405

We talk Doctor Who, Titans, Gotham, The Blacklist, Young Justice, Travelers, Black Mirror Bandersnatch, Christmas Chronicles, Birdbox

Recap: Doctor Who New Year’s Special: “Resolution”

The New Year isn’t a happy one for the Doctor as an old enemy has returned, and soon threatens the Earth. Meanwhile, Ryan’s dad is back to make amends.

TV Campfire Podcast #404

We talk Doctor Who, Charmed, God Friended Me, The Flash/Supergirl/Arrow Elseworld, The Rookie, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, Supernatural, Legacies, Travellers, Titans

Recap: Doctor Who Season Finale, Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos

The Doctor finally faces a situation where the universe is at stake. She discovers the Stenzan warrior has made himself a false got to a very small but powerful race, and Earth is in big trouble.

TV Campfire Podcast #403

We talk Doctor Who, Charmed, The Flash, Black Lightning, Nightflyers, The Rookie, The Last Kingdom, Legacies, The Good Place, Marvelous Mrs Maisel, Impulse

Recap: Doctor Who 11.9 “It Takes You Away”

The Doctor arrives in Norway, finding a scared blind girl afraid of a monster who may have taken her dad. What she finds is something more unusual: a universe that may threaten our own.