Recap: Inhumans 1.06 – “The Gentleman’s Name Is Gorgon”

It looks like the Inhumans are going home. First, they have to find Crystal, who’s having problems with a jealous ex-girlfriend. Maximus turns to a familiar face to firm up his power, and a battle ends in tragedy.

Recap: Inhumans 1.05 “Something Inhuman This Way Comes”

This week’s episode gives the Inhumans a chance to reconsider their beliefs, especially towards humans, but it’s marred by some contrived scenes and a bad cliffhanger.

Recap: Inhumans 1.04: “Make Way For….Medusa”

That doctor who helped Black Bolt and Sammy escape prison last week reveals he wants to study their DNA. Also, Louise and Medusa try to understand each other while looking for Black Bolt.

Recap: Marvel’s Inhumans 1.03 “Divide and Conquer”

Someone on Earth is interested in the Inhumans.

Review: Inhumans on IMAX

Should ABC’s IMAX gamble get positive buzz from viewers?

Could It Be A Marvel-ous Fall Season?

For the first time, Marvel TV will have three shows on two major networks in the fall. Their success may determine if super hero shows can be a staple in prime time.


ABC and Marvel are considering making a spinoff to “Agents of SHIELD”, but maybe it shouldn’t be about an agent or another group. Here’s my argument for an anthology show.

Is A Shaking Skye Making SHIELD Crumble?

Not too long ago, Skye was considered to be the future of SHIELD. Now, she’s considered by some to be a dangerous threat. It’s not her fault, yet it could be her undeserved fate.