Doctor Who 9.08 – The Zygon Inversion

The Doctor does survive the missile attack from last week, but finds himself in a confrontation between human and Zygson. His method of solving the problem is unforgettable.

Doctor Who 9.07- “The Zygon Invasion”

A peace treaty that allows Zygons to live secretly on Earth is falling apart, and the Doctor can’t tell which is friend or foe. That problem could be disastrous.

Doctor Who 9.01: The Magician’s Apprentice

Ever since Doctor Who returned to TV, it’s taken a different look at the Dalek, not just as a monster, but as a being. Now, it’s decided to revisit the question: if you had a chance to kill Davros before he created the Daleks, could you?

Doctor Who Brings Back…Osgood?

The new season of Doctor Who brings back familiar faces and classic enemies.

Doctor Who Premiere Will Be Two-Parter…And She’s Back

Filming is underway for the ninth season of Doctor Who, and some familiar faces will be part of the two-part season premiere this fall.

Review: Doctor Who 8.12- “Death in Heaven”

The Doctor tries to stop Missy’s plan to take over Earth by turning the dead into Cybermen, but is stunned to learn what her real plan is. Clara is also forced to make a sacrifice, and there’s finally an answer to the question of whether the Doctor is really a good man

Review: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary “Day of the Doctor”

How can the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who create an episode that is worth all the hype? Easier than you think, actually.