Georges Jeanty Kickstarter Campaign

Eisner Award-winning, NYT Bestselling comic book artist Georges Jeanty is launching a Kickstarter campaign to compile a limited run Sketchbook of his superhero sketches.

Support Dichen Lachman’s New Project Featured on Kickstarter

Dichen Lachman’s newest project, a short sci-fi film called WEBCAM, is now featured on Kickstarter!

Dear Albania With Eliza Dushku

Eliza Dushku’s documentary about Albania aired this week at several PBS stations nationwide, It’s an informative and entertaining look at a land not too many people know much about.

What Do Joss Whedon and MST3K Have In Common?

The campaign to fund a revival of Mystery Science Theater 3000 is in its final days, and fans of the Whedonverse will see a couple of familiar faces.

Leonard Nimoy’s Son Hopes To Kickstart Documentary

Give to Adam Nimoy’s Kickstarter to help him complete a new documentary about his father, Leonard Nimoy, called “For The Love of Spock.”

Bill Corbett Talks About How Rifftrax Will Celebrate the Holidays

Rifftrax will riff on the 1959 Mexican holiday movie “Santa Claus” on December 4th in theaters. Bill Corbett talks about why it’s taking another look at this movie, what movie he’d like to riff on, and his Christmas comic book.

The Bent-Con Kickstarter Needs Your Help!

Bent-Con is a 3 day convention in Burbank, CA committed to recognizing diversity and inclusivity in pop-culture and geekdom. This year they are celebrating their 5th year and, to help make it an extra-special event, they are running a Kickstarter. The funds from that are raised will be used to bring more attention to the […]

The Chaplain featuring Bailey Chase Kickstarter Project

We all remember Bailey Chase as Graham on BtVS, and more recently in his roles on Longmire and Saving Grace. And now he’s starring in The Chaplain, a short film which has just launched a Kickstarter project. The Chaplain is a gritty and suspenseful short film about an ex-army chaplain who, while hunting for his […]

“Reading Rainbow” Kickstarter Doubles Down in less than 48 hours

Tina Fabrique wasn’t kidding when she sang how Reading Rainbow “can fly twice as high.”

Donate to “Muzzled”, A Web Musical Project With Juliet Landau

Imagine a kingdom where a song can be the ultimate power, and how some people are keeping it from others. That’s the premise of “Muzzled”, a proposed web musical that’s using Kickstarter to raise 45 thousand dollars. With a cast that includes Juliet Landau and Kevin Sorbo, that goal may be reached.