Game of Thrones 6.04 – “Book of the Stranger”

Game of Thrones has done it again! They ignited fans’ fervor and joy in one final shining fiery (literally fiery) moment.

Game of Thrones 6.03- “Oathbreaker”

The biggest and most upsetting death in Game of Thrones history is now a thing of the past. Jon Snow lives and now we get to see what happens next!

Game of Thrones 6.02 – “Home”

The question that has plagued the Thrones fans since the Season 5 finale has finally been answered. They really made us wait until the last, final breath.

Game of Thrones 6.01- “The Red Woman”

After months of anticipating, speculating, and waiting to see if our beloved Lord Commander Jon Snow was really dead, we viewers will now have to wait even longer! Welcome back to Westeros, y’all.

Doctor Who 9.12: Season Finale- “Hell Bent”

The Doctor has arrived in Gallifrey, apparently to fulfill a prophecy. However, he has something else in mind…saving Clara from death. It will lead to another sad goodbye, and a new beginning.

Doctor Who 9.10 – “Face the Raven”

The Doctor and Clara find a hidden piece of London where Rigsy is accused of murder. They’re also surprised to see who’s in charge. It’s a story that will end in tragedy.

Doctor Who 9.06 – The Woman Who Lived

The Doctor is reunited with Ashildr, the Viking girl from last episode. The question: How would sudden immortality change a person?

Doctor Who 9.05 – The Girl Who Died

The Doctor tries to protect a Viking village from Vikings from outer space, with the help of an unusual girl (Maisie Williams). This leads to the Doctor understanding why he has his current face, and making a very big decision.

Game of Thrones 5.10 – “Mother’s Mercy”

The fifth season finale of Game of Thrones came roaring to life (or rather death) on Sunday. And if you thought things were going to slow down, think again.

Game of Thrones 5.09 – “The Dance of Dragons”

Episode Nine of Game of Thrones is always a BIG episode and this one certainly was just that.