Doctor Who 9.02 – ‘The Witch’s Familiar’

Both the Doctor and Clara get a better idea on what it means to be a Dalek in this weekend’s episode. The Doctor is even tempted to help Davros, but that backfires—on both of them.

Doctor Who 9.01: The Magician’s Apprentice

Ever since Doctor Who returned to TV, it’s taken a different look at the Dalek, not just as a monster, but as a being. Now, it’s decided to revisit the question: if you had a chance to kill Davros before he created the Daleks, could you?

The Doctor Is Coming To Comic-Con!

This year’s San Diego Comic-Con has an exciting guest for its first day: Peter Capaldi, who will be featured in the Doctor Who panel at Hall H.

Doctor Who Premiere Will Be Two-Parter…And She’s Back

Filming is underway for the ninth season of Doctor Who, and some familiar faces will be part of the two-part season premiere this fall.

Review: Doctor Who 8.12- “Death in Heaven”

The Doctor tries to stop Missy’s plan to take over Earth by turning the dead into Cybermen, but is stunned to learn what her real plan is. Clara is also forced to make a sacrifice, and there’s finally an answer to the question of whether the Doctor is really a good man

Review: Doctor Who 8.11- “Dark Water”

Doctor Who starts the eighth season wrap up with a story that seems to challenge what Mankind thinks happens in the afterlife. It’s really a shocking plan involving Cybermen and Missy, also known as…..

Review: Doctor Who 8.10- “In the Forest of the Night”

Overnight, the world has turned into one big forest. The Doctor tries to figure out why, and a little girl may be the key.

Review: Doctor Who 8.02 – “Into the Dalek”

It’s possible to give a vampire a soul, but can it be done to a Dalek? That’s what the Doctor wants to know in this week’s episode. There’s also a new man in Clara’s life.

Review: Doctor Who 8.01 – “Deep Breath” – Peter Capaldi’s First Episode

A new era for Doctor Who started this past weekend with Peter Capaldi’s first episode, “Deep Breath”. While it was a typical regeneration story with a shaky plot, Capaldi proved that he can handle the job as the 12th Doctor.