Cosmic Flypaper Ep 1, Part 2: Austin Wintory and ETMLA

In part 2 of the debut episode of Cosmic Flypaper, Austin Wintory discusses how vital it is to support music education and how he has endeavored to do just that with Education Through Music – Los Angeles (ETMLA).

Austin Wintory

Cosmic Flypaper Ep 1: Austin Wintory (Part 1)

In the first episode of Cosmic Flypaper, Jeremy Yanofsky interviews the Grammy nominated video game composer of Journey — Austin Wintory.

Wizard Wrock Tour – Harry & The Potters with the Potter Puppet Pals

It’s a well-known fact that Harry Potter fans (also known as “Potterheads”) are a creative bunch.  This is illustrated in the rise of Wrock—Wizard Rock—and the wildly popular phenomenon of a few simple yet brilliant puppets.

Marian Call on Tour 2012 – Live at the Nerdist Theater in Los Angeles

Marian Call is on tour.  Not just any tour; an epic adventure-quest tour!  The sassy, soulful, nerdy, funky, folky songstress, a favorite among Browncoats, is currently in the process of singing her way across the nation.  I must admit that I’m a newbie to her music.  How this is the case by this point, I’m not quite sure.  This past Thursday evening I decided to change that fact by attending her Los Angeles show at the Nerdist Theater at Meltdown Comics.  Luckily, I had a couple friends with me who knew all the song titles and even sang along a little.

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