Into the Badlands: WonderCon 2018 Press Conference

    This year’s WonderCon 2018 brought some of the cast of Into the Badlands to Anaheim to tease the upcoming season on AMC.  Season 3 of Into the Badlands finds Daniel Wu (Sunny) living off the grid, doing his best to provide for his infant son, Henry, after Veil’s death.  The cast tell the secret behind carrying […]

Review: Doctor Who Christmas Special- “Last Christmas”

The Doctor is reunited with Clara and battles aliens that trap their victims in happy dreams that will eventually become fatal. They also meet Santa Claus…who may or may not be real but is certainly helpful.

Review: Doctor Who 8.12- “Death in Heaven”

The Doctor tries to stop Missy’s plan to take over Earth by turning the dead into Cybermen, but is stunned to learn what her real plan is. Clara is also forced to make a sacrifice, and there’s finally an answer to the question of whether the Doctor is really a good man

Review: Doctor Who 8.05 – “Time Heist”

The Doctor and Clara are drafted in a plan to rob a super-secure bank that’s guarded by an officious woman and a creature who can sense guilt. However, the target may not be money.