SDCC 2014: Whedonopolis™ Comes Back “Once More with Feeling”

Whedonopolis/Fandom Charities again present the closing event for San Diego Comic-Con.

Fandom Charities/Whedonopolis’ Announce New Event!

Saturday, August 9, 2014 join us for “An Evening At Caritas – A night of karaoke to honor Andy Hallet.

SDCC 2012: Buffy Musical Screening with Nick Brendon as Guest

Closing out SDCC with Once More With Feeling screening and a special guest.

SDCC 2012: Joss Is Much Ado About Everything

It’s a rare event when Joss Whedon holds two separate panels during the same day at Comic-Con. On Friday, a few hours after he celebrated the tenth anniversary of Firefly in Ballroom 20, he returned to talk about some other stuff he’s been doing.

Whedonopolis Is Bringing Nicholas Brendon to San Diego Comic-Con

We’re thrilled to announce that Whedonopolis has partnered with to bring Nicholas Brendon to San Diego Comic Con! WHEN: Saturday, July 14-Sunday, July 15. Hours TBD closer to the date. WHERE: His home base willl be the booth, Hall A/B-02. WHAT WILL HE BE DOING? Signing autographs, photo ops through Froggy’s Photos and […]

Comic-Con: Once More With Feeling Showing Brings Surprise Guest

As usual, Comic-Con ended with the annual showing of the classic Buffy musical episode, "Once More With Feeling." It was a little different this year.

SDCC 2010: Once More With Feeling Finale Again Fills Ballroom 20

Once again, this year’s Comic-Con ended with the traditional screening of the classic Buffy The Vampire Slayer episode, "Once More With Feeling." The event filled Ballroom 20 with more than 3000 fans.

Once More With Feeling Again The Closing Event at Comic-Con 2010

Get out your dry cleaning and get ready for dancin’ crazy!

Comic-Con Day 4: Castle and Giles, and the Once More With Feeling Finale

The schedule for the final day of Comic-Con 2010 is now out. It will feature the return of Nathan Fillion, talking about Castle, a well-known Watcher talks about Merlin, and the traditional Comic-Con finale, Once More With Feeling.

Comic-Con 2009: "Once More With Feeling" Screening

It looks like Comic-Con has created a new tradition, thanks to Joss Whedon and his fans.

Along with the Saturday Masquerade, the Eisner Awards and the Preview Night that has become the real start of the annual event, Whedonopolis has established itself with the annual showing of the classic Buffy musical, "Once More With Feeling" as the official closing event. Just like last year, Ballroom 20 filled very quickly as people were ready to wrap up another visit to San Diego with song and dance.