Doctor Who 10.6 – “Extremis”

The Doctor is asked by the Pope to translate an ancient book that has a story that has driven others to suicide….
or is it all just fake? Also, we find out for sure who’s in the vault.

Doctor Who 10.5 – “Oxygen”

A space station where oxygen is sold by the breath, and space suits are more dangerous that those who wear them. That’s what the Doctor and his crew faces this week. However, he’ll also face a challenge he’s never had before.

Doctor Who 10.4 – “Knock Knock”

Bill moves into a new place with her friends, but it’s got a deadly secret. The episode would make a creepy horror movie, if not for a resolution that doesn’t quite work.

Doctor Who 10.3 – “Thin Ice”

The Doctor and Bill visit a Frost Fair from 200 years back, and learn a sea creature is trapped under the Thames. Bill also learns about the darker side of the Doctor’s life.

Doctor Who 10.2 – “Smile”

The Doctor and Bill visit a future Earth colony that populated by robots with emojis. They hide a pretty nasty secret about the place.

Recap: Doctor Who “Return of Doctor Mysterio”

Doctor Who is finally back after a year-long break, battling another alien invasion with the help of a super hero….whom the Doctor is familiar with.

Sneak Peek At Doctor Who Christmas Special 2016

Doctor Who is finally coming back this Christmas. As usual, aliens are involved and he’ll be helped by a guy in a mask, a reporter and an old friend.

NYCC 2016: BBC America Takeover At New York Comic Con

BBC AMERICA will kick off New York Comic Con’s first ever panels presented at The Theater at Madison Square Garden on Friday, October 7 at 10:30am.

New York Comic Con 2016 Expands Beyond Javits Center

New York Comic Con will be presenting exclusive panels and premier programming at The Theater at Madison Square Garden for this year’s con, further continuing NYCC’s expansion outside of the Javits Center to venues all over New York City.