UPDATE: See Robin Sachs’ Dogs In Their New Home

Actor Robin Sachs’ dogs are happily settled into their new home in Montana after their owner unexpectedly passed away.

RESCUE UPDATE: New Home Found For Robin Sachs’ Dogs!!

Great news! Per the Official Robin Sachs Facebook page, the beloved dogs of Robin Sachs, Fiona and Tiny, have found a new home together on a horse ranch in Montana! Sachs (Ethan Rayne, BtVS) passed away unexpectedly on February 1 from sudden cardiac arrest at age 61. Days later a plea went out from his […]

RESCUE ALERT: Robin Sachs’ Dogs Need A New Home!

A new home is desperately needed for the beloved dogs of actor Robin Sachs (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) who unexpectedly passed away earlier this week in Los Angeles.

Robin Sachs RIP (Ethan Rayne)

While the exact details are still coming out, Robin Sachs (Ethan Rayne on BtVS) passed away a few days ago from heart failure and only now is the news coming out.