Review: Doctor Who Christmas Special- “Last Christmas”

The Doctor is reunited with Clara and battles aliens that trap their victims in happy dreams that will eventually become fatal. They also meet Santa Claus…who may or may not be real but is certainly helpful.

Review: Doctor Who 8.12- “Death in Heaven”

The Doctor tries to stop Missy’s plan to take over Earth by turning the dead into Cybermen, but is stunned to learn what her real plan is. Clara is also forced to make a sacrifice, and there’s finally an answer to the question of whether the Doctor is really a good man

Review: Doctor Who 8.11- “Dark Water”

Doctor Who starts the eighth season wrap up with a story that seems to challenge what Mankind thinks happens in the afterlife. It’s really a shocking plan involving Cybermen and Missy, also known as…..

Review: Doctor Who 8.10- “In the Forest of the Night”

Overnight, the world has turned into one big forest. The Doctor tries to figure out why, and a little girl may be the key.

Review: Doctor Who 8.09 – “Flatline”

Aliens from another dimension are grabbing people and putting them inside walls. The Doctor winds up trapped in a shrunken TARDIS, and Clara has to be the Doctor to fight the aliens.

Review: Doctor Who 8.08 – “Mummy On The Orient Express”

Clara takes her last trip in the TARDIS on board an intergalactic version of the Orient Express. She and the Doctor soon face a mummy that kills in 66 seconds, and another threat that might kill everyone.

Review: Doctor Who 8.07 – “Kill The Moon”

For some people, the current Doctor is hard to know and even more difficult to like. They now includes Clara Oswald, who is shocked by the Doctor’s decision of what to do to deal with  a crumbling moon. This leads to a decision that some have been predicting for some time…but it may be the […]

Review: Doctor Who 8.06 – “The Caretaker”

The Doctor goes undercover at Clara’s school to stop an alien that has enough firepower to blow up the world. However, he seems to be less trusting of her boyfriend, Danny Pink. There’s also some hints that may suggest those rumors of a possible cast change.

Review: Doctor Who 8.05 – “Time Heist”

The Doctor and Clara are drafted in a plan to rob a super-secure bank that’s guarded by an officious woman and a creature who can sense guilt. However, the target may not be money.

Review: Doctor Who 8.04 – “Listen”

Even if the Doctor is a legend and a hero, he still has his fears. He tries to look for something that lurks in the dark when we think we are alone. The answer, though, lies in a very surprising place.