Review: Warehouse 13 5.06 — “Endless”

The series finale of Warehouse 13 had moments that caused laughter, tears, and a bit of shock, which wasn’t necessarily nice. However, it was a nice send off to a show that was wonderful fun and offered viewers endless wonder.

Review: Warehouse 13 — 5.05 “Cangku Shisi”

In the second-to-last episode of Warehouse 13, evil Benedict Valda is back to wreak more havoc by ending Warehouse 13 and creating Warehouse 14. Will his attempt work?

Review: Warehouse 13 5.04 – “Savage Seduction”

Pete, Myka, and Artie are sucked into a Spanish telenova to save Pete’s ex-girlfriend’s grandmother while Claudia and Jinks search for an artifact at a college in this week’s Warehouse 13.

Review: Metal Hurlant Chronicles 1.06 — “Second Chance”

In this episode of Metal Hurlant Chronicles, a man makes a bad bet, then decides to go on a treasure hunt rather than try to find the funds to pay off his debt.

Review: Metal Hurlant Chronicles 1.05 — “Shelter Me”

James Marsters stars in this episode of Metal Hurlant Chronicles, which focuses on a man who kidnaps his young neighbor to “save” her from nuclear obliteration. But is he lying to her for his own gains or telling the truth?

Review: Warehouse 13 — 5.03 ‘A Faire to Remember’

In this week’s new Warehouse 13, Pete and Jinks end up at a Renaissance Faire while Claudia and Myka try to bring Claire back while Artie continues to warn them about their actions.

Review: Metal Hurlant Chronicles 1.04 — “Whiskey In The Jar”

In this episode of Metal Hurlant Chronicles, a doctor in an Old West town ends up with a special ability.

Review: Metal Hurlant Chronicles 1.03 — “Master of Destiny”

In this episode of Metal Hurlant Chronicles, we meet Hondo, a man who learns his destiny and see how it affects him.

Review: Warehouse 13 5.02 — ‘Secret Services’

In this episode of Warehouse 13, Claudia got to “meet” her sister Claire while Pete and Myka searched for an artifact that caused people to drown while no where near water.

Review: Warehouse 13 — 5.01 ‘Endless Terror’

It’s the beginning of the final six episodes of Warehouse 13, and the season started with a bang.