Teen Wolf 5.04- “Condition Terminal”

With both some great gems and a few missteps, I thought this Monday’s Teen Wolf was easily the best episode this season. Also, the big bads of this season officially get their names- The Dread Doctors.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 3 “Dreamcatchers”

The season story arc continues in this intense episode of Teen Wolf. No one is safe this week, not our favorite pack, nor their parents.

Teen Wolf 5.02 “Parasomnia”

The second part of Teen Wolf’s premiere introduced us to an ensemble of those Scott and his pack will be protecting, and those to whom our pack will become prey.

MTV Hosts “Teen Wolf” Fan Art Exhibit in NYC

For the first time ever in television history, MTV is taking fandom to the next level, celebrating “Teen Wolf” fans with a week-long exhibit featuring the work of select commissioned artists.

Teen Wolf 5.01- “Creatures of the Night”

After what felt like one of the longest hiatuses between seasons, Teen Wolf’s return was pretty amazing (especially on its second or third viewing).

MTV Kicks Off Summer with Howls and Screams

Those things that go bump in the night will be out in full force this summer with the return MTV’s hit drama series Teen Wolf and the premiere of new horror series, Scream.

Review: Teen Wolf 4.02 – “117”

The pack try to understand what was done to Derek & how to fix it. Kate is back to retrieve something she needs, forcing the gang to turn to the person they trust the least for help.

Review: Teen Wolf 4.01 – “The Dark Moon”

The wolf pack, along with new members Kira and Malia, travel to Mexico to confront the Calaveras hunters and negotiate for Derek’s release.

Picture This! Teen Wolf

We’ve got the promo for the next episode of Teen Wolf, “The Fox and The Wolf.”

Review: Teen Wolf 3.20– “Echo House”

Stiles checks himself into a mental hospital called Eichen House to keep everyone safe from the nogitsune controlling him. Meanwhile Scott and the pack search for an ancient Japanese scroll that could explain how to destroy the nogitsune and save Stiles.